Print & play prototype

Want to try out Plunder! at home? Download the print & play version of the game below as a printer-friendly black and white PDF.

This version only contains the actual cards deck, not the pirate cards or the overview cards. However, the game is perfectly playable without those.

You will need to provide the necessary components for the game: 50 'treasure' tokens in 5 different colours (10 per colour), and 15 'pirate' figures (all in one colour). You can borrow components from other board games, use any items you have laying around like crafts supplies, or get creative and make actual tiny treasure chests and pirate figures.

After you're done playing I would appreciate it a lot if you would let me know what you thought. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions via email or on on Twitter.

English version

Print & play cards (plunder-pnp-english.pdf)
Rulebook (plunder-pnp-rules-english.pdf)

Dutch version

Print & play cards (plunder-pnp-dutch.pdf)
Rulebook (plunder-pnp-rules-dutch.pdf)

Tell me more!

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Prototype components

Don't have the necessary components for the print & play prototype? I've made a set available on The Game Crafter. It contains simple wooden cubes and meeple figures.